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In Loving Memory

Janice Selinger

Dr. Janice Selinger
(1962 - 2019)

Dr. Janice Selinger was a big part of Bridle Trail Veterinary Clinic for 17 years. She was an integral part of our team that brought much knowledge and passion to the veterinary field. We will always remember her enthusiasm for passing along that knowledge and her excitement over discoveries.

She will be greatly missed by all the staff here and by the many patients/clients that she has seen over the years, whom she loved very much.


(2007 - 2021)

Our little sheriff. Elvis was a big part of our clinic family. In his younger years, he was our official door greeter & would meet everyone in the lobby waiting for their appointments. Always up for a “cookie” and had an arsenal of tricks at the ready to perform for those treats. He loved to “cheer” for his favourite hockey team, the Maple Leafs, and growl at all their opponents. He will forever remain in our hearts and we will miss him greatly.



Max came to us after his previous owner unexpectedly passed away. We were meant to rehome him, however after a few days of wandering around the clinic he claimed it his home. Dr. Peltekoff’s office became his new napping spot, and the kitchen table was his perch to watch the hustle & bustle of clinic life. He also loved to sit at the front door & watch all the people walking by. We will miss him very much.



Our little dragon. Phoebe came to us as a feral rescue that didn’t like to be touched. Due to her age & temperament, we knew she wouldn’t find a home easily so we decided to keep her . We nicknamed her “dragon” as she liked to sleep in her cat tree cave & only popped her head out to hiss at us. With COVID-19, it’s been quieter in the clinic and she started to venture out and explore. She loves to people watch and lay out in the afternoon sun. She was a little mooch as well and could always be found right at your feet, at lunch time, waiting for anything to drop. We will all miss our little dragon.


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